About Us

The Dotcom Distribution Advantage

Dotcom Distribution is a strategic eCommerce logistics partner determined to delight your customers with market-inspired packaging, fast fulfillment, and freight management services that extend the excitement of your brand into your customer’s home or office.

Whether you are an eCommerce brand ready to optimize your logistics and fulfillment services, or a rising retail star in search of a partner to help take your business to the next level, Dotcom can provide the resources and expertise to convert back-end operations into a strategic advantage. Leverage Dotcom’s passion for logistics and reengage your team’s passion for growth and innovation.


  • Dotcom’s facilities, systems, and processes were specifically designed to serve growing clients in the eCommerce and multi-channel fulfillment space.
  • Freight can represent one of the largest cost components for emerging organizations. Dotcom constantly researches and exposes new carriers and services while leveraging the combined volume of its customers to provide the most competitive rates.
  • Ongoing investments in new technologies support the needs of our customer base. Recent investments include material handling and labeling systems and upgraded EDI integration software.


  • Our strategically located warehouse provides same-day shipping for most clients with delivery of 1-3 days via ground service for 75% of the U.S. population.
  • Dotcom’s facility, systems, and processes deliver seasonal scalability with demonstrated peak capacity as much as 30 times your brand’s average order volume.
  • Program performance is monitored and controlled through configurable reporting of order status, throughput, quality, and supplier performance metrics.
  • Order accuracy is critical for building trust with customers. At Dotcom Distribution, our accuracy rates are above 99.5%, ensuring your ability to deliver on the brand promise.


  • The Dotcom client engagement model leverages the fact that our account management and senior management teams are located in the same facility. Our client relationship team focuses on establishing aligned strategic goals while dedicated account management resources oversee the faithful execution of program priorities.

Our hands-on management team of proven professionals guides the definition, design, implementation, and data-driven control of client programs, ensuring the delivery of your brand objectives and organizational success criteria.