Why a Fulfillment Partnership Is Essential to the Growth of Your eCommerce Business

You’ve handled every fulfillment aspect of your eCommerce business from the start, but as you continue to grow, you’re finding it difficult to keep up. If managing logistics has become an overwhelming task, it might be time to consider an eCommerce fulfillment partnership. An experienced partner can work with you to sustain brand growth, while managing the important fulfillment elements that are essential to brand success.

What Can Your eCommerce Brand Get Out of a Fulfillment Partnership?

Brand expansion is exciting, but it can present unique challenges to your sales, marketing and eCommerce teams. The last thing you want to do is stifle your brand’s growth by randomly implementing solutions that you hope will meet long-term growth needs.

In Dotcom Distribution’s latest eBook, “Emerging in eCommerce: A 360º View From the Inside,” eCommerce industry experts discuss what brands can achieve by forging a relationship with an eCommerce fulfillment partner:

  • Better Inventory Management – As your brand continues to grow and product demand rises, it’s crucial to stay on top of product inventory. An eCommerce fulfillment partner can keep track of warehouse product levels, giving you real-time numbers that accurately align with what is featured on your website. Increased visibility ultimately leads to more informed decision making (e.g., how much of a particular product should be stocked at a given time).

  • Enhanced Product Packaging – In an eCommerce packaging survey conducted by Dotcom Distribution, 52 percent of customers revealed they are more likely to be repeat customers of a brand that features unique, premium product packaging. An eCommerce fulfillment partner can help you design branded packaging elements like boxes, tissue paper, wrapping, tape and more. Every time customers order from you, they’ll receive products in one-of-a-kind packaging that is sure to spark unboxing excitement.

  • Scalability During Peak Sales – Holidays, flash sales and promotions are primetime sales periods for your brand – but the inability to appropriately scale fulfillment and logistics could present a major problem during peak demand times, especially if you’re rushing to fill orders on your own. However, an experienced eCommerce fulfillment company will have the tools and resources to scale order fulfillment to easily meet periods of high demand.

  • Faster Shipping Speeds – Offering different shipping speeds and options can win over eCommerce customers. But with hundreds of delivery providers to choose from, selecting the right one is a challenge. To complicate matters further, costs can vary per shipment, which affects operational expenses. When you enter an eCommerce fulfillment partnership, the logistics company takes care of negotiating crate and shipment space for you. Most eCommerce fulfillment companies have long-lasting partnerships with both domestic and international carries, as well as Non-Vessel Owning Common Carriers (NVOCC), meaning you can offer a variety of shipping options for customers.

What you need is an eCommerce fulfillment partner that can provide constant support, reliability and unparalleled fulfillment services.

You need Dotcom Distribution.

As a go-to fulfillment company among eCommerce brands, the team at Dotcom Distribution knows what you need from a fulfillment partnership. Through a careful mix of technology and expert warehouse personnel, we have the tools and resources to guarantee you get the most out of an eCommerce fulfillment partnership.

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