Why Your eCommerce Brand Needs 3PL Industry Experience

For emerging eCommerce brands, the 3PL industry can be a tricky field to navigate. Fulfillment and logistics involves a lot more than printing labels and shipping packages. There’s warehousing, freight management, kitting, reporting and more. Trying to tackle these on your own with little to no experience can leave you staring down a big challenge. 

3PL industry

 This is What Real 3PL Industry Looks Like 

A solid logistics strategy can translate into a lot of positives for your brand including higher order volume, positive brand sentiment and more repeat customers. But robust logistics management doesn’t happen overnight – or on your own. Online retailers and eCommerce brands usually seek the help of a 3PL industry expert to achieve a top-tier logistics strategy.  
Before you jump to pick a logistics and fulfillment partner, it’s important to remember that not all providers have the 3PL industry expertise you need. Make sure you look out for telltale signs of an experienced 3PL provider:

  1. Proven ability to scale processes to meet order demand. Busy holiday periods, flash sales and promotional periods can test your fulfillment capabilities. The logistics company you partner with should have the ability to scale processes in periods of high demand and handle peak order capacity – at least 30 times your brand’s typical order volume. 
  2. Multiple warehouse facilities conveniently located across the country. Logistics companies new to the eCommerce scene might have one or two warehouse locations available for you to stock and ship products. And depending on where these warehouses are located, shipping times can greatly vary. An experienced 3PL provider will have multiple, centrally located warehouse facilities. This enables shipments to be dispatched same-day and overnight, reaching customers faster.  
  3. Strategic performance tracking and in-depth logistics KPIs. You can’t improve what you don’t measure. Logistics companies with years of 3PL industry experience under their belts know that the best way to improve backend processes and performances is by tracking key performance metrics and logistics KPIs. This includes shipping and delivery, order volume, sales and more. Once your 3PL partner has presented you with these granular numbers, you can work to make necessary strategy adjustments.

Ready for Serious 3PL Industry Expertise? 

Your logistics strategy can make or break your eCommerce brand’s success. You need a fulfillment partner that has spent years learning the ins and outs of the 3PL industry. 

At Dotcom Distribution, our team of industry experts has the tools, experience and knowledge to help you build the best logistics program possible. We cover every element from inventory management to shipping, allowing you to focus on the most important part of your business: the customer experience.

Don’t get stuck navigating the 3PL industry on your own. To learn more about the Dotcom Distribution difference, contact us today.