Wholesalers & Manufacturers: How Amazing Product Photography Can Help Increase Sales

If you run a wholesale company or one that manufactures goods, you know that your business depends on customers buying your products from the online retailers that you are selling to. Unfortunately what many wholesalers and manufacturers often ignore is the experience portion of the client journey. 


The experience you create online affects the way your customers interpret your brand. Experience can include everything from seeing a picture of the product to the way your packaging feels when they open your product for the first time.

The first and best way to invest in brand perception is through product photography. Working with a product photographer will help you develop the feeling you want your end users to experience when seeing your product for the first time. First impressions are EVERYTHING.  
From the lighting, styling, product placement, shadows, angles, etc. everything matters.

So let’s say you want to invest in better product photography, what should you do next? Though there are a plethora of photography DIY options, sometimes the best work is left to be done by a professional product photographer.

Case Study: Home City Inc.

The most relevant example I have of the importance of investing in quality photos for your product based wholesale business can be seen by looking at our success working with Home City.  

Who? Home City Inc is a large linen manufacturer based in Edison, NJ that represents three generations of experience with the highest quality Egyptian cotton, Bamboo, microfiber, and other fine textiles. If you have purchased towels, sheets, bedding on any large eCommerce site, there’s a high chance you have purchased a Home City Inc. product.

The problem: When the Head of Marketing of Home City Inc. approached us, the company’s product photography was subpar and was done by their manufacturer. They weren’t receiving high quality photos which resulted in lower sell-through rates and conversions on all of their products. “When we are preparing to launch a product, it’s very important for the photo to tell a story of that item. Wrinkle resistant sheets won’t be as soft as a 1500 thread count cotton sheet and it’s pertinent that the picture helps to depict what we are releasing.” Said Sheryl Simonitis, Home City’s Head of Marketing. “While the room scenes created by our past product photographers were beautiful, they didn’t concentrate on our product and that was a problem.” She added. The brand story and value was being lost in the visual representation of it. Something had to be done.

The solution: We worked with Home City’s marketing team to standardize their photography process, improve their style guides, and highlight/showcase their brand story.

It was important to their team that the founders of the company really understood why the work we were doing was so necessary. In order to test the results of our new photography, we created and ran a short A/B website campaign to test how the new photos performed in comparison to old.

Old product photo
(Old product photo)

Unknowingly to retailers or their customers, we allowed them to view two versions of a product photo: one with old photography style and one with our new Dotcom-shot photos. All product descriptions remained the same. Both old and new photos were on the retailer websites. We wanted to see which picture would generate more sales.  

New product photo
(New product photo)

After a few months of testing, the results came in. Products with higher quality photography sold faster and at a higher volume. “We are seeing an increase on revenue with these products and this amazing photography made all the difference,” said Sheryl. 

Takeaway: One of the major takeaways from this case study is that higher quality product photography converts better. Even if you are a wholesaler or dropshipper, providing your clients with amazing product photography at the start of their buying journey is critical. If they buy from you and are successfully able to sell your products to their end-customer, they will keep on coming back! That’s the type of sales funnel you want to be nurturing through your product photography.

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