This Week's Friday Roundup

Happy Friday and welcome back to our Friday Roundup! Here are this week’s top stories in eCommerce, retail and logistics.

eCommerce: How 3D Printing Could Transform Amazon and Online Shopping -- Washington Post

Amazon recently created a 3D Printer Store, enabling consumers to purchase plastic items and printing them using a just-in-time retail experience. The solution gives Amazon the ability to deliver products immediately without opening up new warehouses or creating drones. While 3D printing is still far from becoming a reality, Amazon has the potential to transform the eCommerce industry with its new storefront.

Logistics: Nearly 12% of Holiday Gifts Were Not Delivered On Time -- Multichannel Merchant

The 2014 MCM Outlook survey concluded that nearly 12 percent of eCommerce orders didn’t reach recipients by the promised Dec. 25 date. The survey also found that shippers pushing their last-chance offers closer to Christmas did not appear to have an impact. The full report will be released at the Multichannel Merchant’s Operation Summit April 22-24 in Indianapolis.

Retail: Walmart Innovates to Win with Omnichannel, Big Data -- Integrated Solutions for Retailers

At a recent Q&A session at the Interactive Advertising Bureau Annual Leadership Meeting last month, Neil Ashe, Walmart’s CEO of global eCommerce discussed how Walmart plans to build its omnichannel presence. The company plans to use big data to help customers shop and arm sales associates with the information needed to sell more products. Walmart recently saw global eCommerce sales surpass $10 billion - and increase to $13 billion by the end of 2014.

Mobile: NFC Takes Another Blow as 7-Eleven, Best Buy Shut It Down -- Mobile Commerce Daily

Best Buy and 7-Eleven are shutting down NFC-based payments for their retail locations. NFC has struggled to make its way to mainstream as many phones still don’t have the technology and merchants don’t want to require additional hardware. In addition, other mobile payment solutions are gaining traction because they are cheaper and simpler to implement. “There is not much difference between tapping or swiping a card,” director of corporate communications at 7-Eleven Margaret Chabris said.

Retail: Omnichannel Retail: Structure for Success -- Retail Online Integration

As omnichannel personalization increases in importance, brick-and-mortar is still important to the customer experience. Graeme Grant from Retail Online Integration says consumers want an environment they love and want to touch physical items they’re interested in. He suggests retailers can avoid losing customers to showrooming by breaking down silos and offer personalization in-store.