The Do's and Don'ts of Product Photography

Product photography plays an integral role for eCommerce brands and online retail sites. Great images can be the difference maker when consumers visit your website to make a purchase.

A picture is worth a thousand words – what do you want your product photos to say?

The Do's and Don’ts of Product Photography

Research shows that 80 percent of people remember the things they see. That means that the photographs presented on eCommerce and retail sites will resonate with buyers. But the more appealing your product looks, the higher the likelihood that it will appeal to consumers, prompting a conversion action.

Dotcom Distribution’s tip sheet, “7 eCommerce Photography Mistakes (and How to Fix Them)” offers a few simple dos and don’ts can help you get the most out of your product photography.


  • Take Photos in a Natural Light. Poor or dark lighting can distort things, like the color, of your product. Take photos outside if possible, or use bright studio lighting to capture accurate product representations to show your consumers exactly what they’re ordering.
  • Offer Multiple Product Angles and Dimensions for the Best Shot. Product photography shouldn’t be a ‘click one and one’ scenario. Experimenting with different angles can highlight the best features of a product and give you the image that will appeal most to consumers, making them more likely to buy from you.


  • Overdo the Background. When it comes to background color, stick to something simple. Consider using a clean, neutral backdrop that complements your website style, brand and product. This will create a nice fluidity and cohesiveness between your images and website design.
  • Over Edit Your Photos. Overusing photo editors can actually detract from your product and take away visually strong aspects. This might result in a photo that doesn’t reflect the genuine nature of your product, leading to customers feeling like they're misled. Instead, let your product speak for itself – focus on clean, sharp shots without effects.

To be sure that your products are presented in the best way possible, it’s beneficial to partner with an eCommerce logistics provider that has the tools necessary to give you the highest quality images.

A Better Approach to eCommerce Product Photography with Dotcom Distribution

At Dotcom Distribution, we know that high-quality images drive conversion rates and lead to favorable opinions among consumers. That’s why we leverage top-tier services and features for eCommerce photography. With ample studio space and the best photographers in the business, we help make sure that brands feature photos that are nothing short of exceptional.

To learn more about Dotcom Distribution’s product photography services, or to download our tip sheet, “7 eCommerce Photography Mistakes (and How to Fix Them),” contact us today.