The Biggest Challenges You Face While Growing an eCommerce Business

Growing an eCommerce business can be both exciting and anxiety-inducing. Your small company that was once responsible for fulfilling a manageable volume of orders is now faced with growing customer demand, and a need for a scalable logistics strategy.

3 Common Fulfillment Challenges Associated With Growing an eCommerce Business

Fulfillment and logistics growing pains are expected as your brand continues to expand. But you shouldn’t avoid the bumps and challenges that accompany brand expansion – ignoring them now could lead to more problems down the line. It’s better to understand and address the common challenges associated with growing an eCommerce business, and find viable solutions.

  • Challenge #1 – Poor Inventory Management: Business growth and rising product demand go hand-in-hand, signaling a pressing need for inventory to be carefully managed. Yet smaller online brands that haven’t dealt with a jump in customer orders find themselves scrambling to accurately track and maintain inventory, causing issues on both the front and back ends. To avoid inventory management missteps, it’s important to consistently monitor inventory levels in your warehouse or fulfillment center. These numbers help keep your eCommerce site updated with the most accurate information, leading to increased visibility and better stock management.
  • Challenge #2 – Lack of Scalability: Holidays, flash sales and promotional periods are excellent opportunities for your brand to increase sales volume. However, a flash sale can take a turn for the worst if fulfillment processes are not scalable to meet periods of high demand. As your brand grows and the number of incoming orders increases, consider working with an eCommerce fulfillment partner to help during peak sales periods. Instead of rushing to fill and ship orders (and risk a mistake), a fulfillment company can scale processes and have orders ready to go, making your flash sale a success.
  • Challenge #3 – Shipping Options and Speeds: Part of growing your eCommerce business means expanding your customer base into international markets. But how are products shipped overseas? Many online retailers that experience growth run into freight and carrier challenges. Not only are there hundreds of providers to choose from, but cost can vary per provider or shipment, which can throw off operational expenses. The solution? Find a logistics company that works with various carriers, and can negotiate shipment space. An eCommerce fulfillment company worth its salt will have strong, long-lasting relationships with domestic carriers, allowing you to offer customers a variety of shipping speeds and options.

Don’t Fear Growing an eCommerce Business. Embrace It.

Dotcom Distribution understands your concerns where eCommerce business growth is concerned. You’ve worked too hard to establish your name and earn your spot in a crowded marketplace – the last thing you want is for growth efforts to fall flat.

As an experienced eCommerce fulfillment provider, our job is to make sure that doesn’t happen. We work alongside you and your team members to tackle common growth challenges, handling everything from inventory management to shipping. Our customized approach to your logistics strategy is guaranteed to support your brand’s growth.

Don’t back down from eCommerce business challenges. To learn more about Dotcom Distribution’s services, contact us today.