Membership & Subscription

A True Partner for Your Membership & Subscription Business

eCommerce offerings have evolved from strictly one-off purchases to Membership & Subscription experiences in which customers receive merchandise on a regular, monthly basis. But while many eCommerce brands are eager to market continuity programs, relatively few are prepared to handle subscription-box fulfillment and the operational demands of membership-based eCommerce.

At Dotcom Distribution, we specialize in helping rapidly growing eCommerce brands effectively manage Membership & Subscription fulfillment. With a client list that includes one of the nation’s most successful subscription box retailers, we have the processes and technology in place to flawlessly execute on subscription-based orders, further strengthening your customers' loyalty to the brand.

Successful Membership & Subscription fulfillment Programs Are:

  • Packaged to Impress: Dotcom has supported many of the biggest names in the subscription box space. Though the time sensitivity and batch production environment frequently associated with this type of work often overwhelms less experienced fulfillment providers, Dotcom has developed the systems and processes to ensure that all subscription box orders arrive packaged to delight your customers.
  • Delivered When Promised: As a membership and subscription box leader, you are constantly striving to improve your sourcing and manufacturing logistics capabilities. Dotcom’s experience rapidly receiving, inspecting, and positioning items, ability to rapidly scale up when all components and the final presentation are accepted, in combination with its mastery of the transportation network, results in happy customers posting positive comments regarding their experience with your brand.
  • Efficiently Executed: Dotcom has supported many of the best-known early innovators in the subscription box space. Depending on customer delivery expectations and batching requirements, it is easy for an inexperienced organization to lose efficiencies attempting to react to events that are simply part of managing subscription box production. Dotcom’s mature planning procedures, scalability by design, and years of experience in kitting and assembly result in controlled and efficient production runs with no timing or cost surprises.