Streamlining Retail Distribution Services

Retail is a highly competitive industry. To keep pace with your competitors, it’s crucial to leverage robust retail distribution services that ensure your customers get their merchandise on time.

But with so many factors to consider – branding, order fulfillment, packaging and more – logistics and distribution can seem like overwhelming tasks.

So, how are you going to effectively and efficiently handle your retail distribution services?

How to Better Manage Retail Distribution Services

Since customers drive your brand’s success, customer satisfaction improvements are a constant priority. Using a third-party logistics (3PL) distribution and fulfillment provider allows you to improve customer satisfaction while streamlining distribution processes and cost efficiency.

When searching for a 3PL distribution and fulfillment partner, look for a provider with proven capabilities in managing:

  • Brand Image – An experienced 3PL provider will work to continuously enhance your brand image.  Choose a partner that can develop innovative, customized packaging that will impress both new and existing customers. In addition, improving on your existing back-end practices can result in increased customer satisfaction down the line.
  • Shipping – Consumers want products in a fast, convenient manner. As part of your retail distribution services, team up with a 3PL provider that can offer same-day shipping, and delivery times of one to three days to at least 75 percent of the U.S. via a ground service.
  • Inventory – Poor inventory management can lead to shipping delays, order inaccuracies and unhappy consumers. Real-time updates and visibility into inventory mitigate the risks of incomplete or inaccurate orders, ensuring that you meet your customer’s expectations of top-tier service.
  • Multi-channel Capabilities – As a retail brand, you operate in a multi-channel retail environment. Your capability to offer optimized retail distribution services relies on how well you handle cross-channel logistics. From the order processing phase to the delivery phase, your distribution strategy should provide a single view of inventory and a comprehensive view of orders and forecasted demand.

Using Dotcom Distribution for Retail Distribution Services

Dotcom Distribution is an industry-leading third-party logistics partner dedicated to helping your brand increase back-end processes and continuously improve customer experiences. We achieve this through:

  • Focus – Our facilities, processes and systems were specifically designed to serve retail clients in the eCommerce and multi-channel fulfillment space. We constantly invest in new technology to keep our clients at the forefront of fulfillment optimization.
  • Performance – Strategically located warehouses provide fast and convenient shipping times. In addition, we provide seasonal scalability during some of the busiest periods, including holidays and promotional events.
  • Engagement – Our engagement model takes advantage of the fact that account and senior management teams are located within the same facility. We align our processes to your brand’s goals, while management teams support the seamless execution of fulfillment and distribution tasks.

To learn more about how Dotcom Distribution can enhance your retail distribution services, contact us today.