Optimizing Your Small Business Distribution Processes

Small businesses that sell online are recognizing the need to improve their order fulfillment and distribution processes without increasing operational costs. But for your small business distribution program to be successful, you need to leverage a distribution service provider that optimizes order fulfillment and logistics, ensuring seamless processes—from initial packaging to the final delivery phase.

How to Optimize Your Small Business Distribution Strategy

As a small business, your distribution strategy plays an integral role in your brand’s consumer experience. To increase customer retention and positive brand sentiment, your small business distribution strategy should include a partner that streamlines processes and reduces operational costs.

However, not all distribution partners are the same. It’s important to find a service provider that is well-versed in addressing the details of successful order fulfillment and distribution. 

  1. Detailed Inventory Management. Manage your product inventory across all channels to ensure real-time inventory visibility. In addition, successful small business distribution should work to maintain order accuracy rates well above 99 percent.
  2. Order Precision. Customers expect to receive exactly what they ordered, and order accuracy is an integral part of building trust with customers. Successful small business distribution should work to maintain high order accuracy rates.
  3. Scalable Order Fulfillment. Your distribution service provider’s processes should be scalable to meet high levels of demand during holidays and promotions. To optimize your distribution strategy, select a partner that can reach peak capacity as much as 30 times that of your small business’ typical order volume.
  4. In-depth Statistics. Insights generated in real-time provide your small business with granular information regarding back-end performance and product inventory. You’ll have a complete view of product inventory, pending and complete orders and other important aspects relating to your small business distribution.

Achieving Small Business Distribution Optimization with Dotcom Distribution

Dotcom Distribution is an eCommerce distribution provider dedicated to optimizing your logistics and fulfillment processes. We provide the resources and personnel to convert back-end operations into a strategic business advantage.

We can help enhance your small business distribution strategy with:

  • A conveniently located warehouse that provides same-day shipping for most clients. Delivery times of one to three days are available for 75 percent of U.S. customers.
  • Distribution and fulfillment center performances are monitored and tracked through detailed reporting of order statuses, quality, throughput and supplier performance analytics.
  • Order accuracy rates above 99.5 percent guarantee that your small business will deliver on its promise to consumers, strengthening the relationship with both new and existing customers.

Our hands-on management team works with your brand step-by-step through definition, design and implementation of your distribution strategy. The result is the seamless execution of your brand’s objectives and organizational goals.

To learn more about how Dotcom Distribution can optimize your small business distribution strategy, contact us today.