Multi-Channel Fulfillment

A One-Source Solution for Limitless Channels

Many Multi-Channel Fulfillment companies talk a big game, but fail to deliver the benefits you expect from an experienced fulfillment or distribution provider. Speed, efficiency, cross-channel consistency – it all counts, and unless your brand is supported by robust multi-channel and omni-channel support capabilities, your ability to deliver a truly seamless customer experience will be compromised.

At Dotcom Distribution, we specialize in the delivery of exceptional Multi-Channel Fulfillment solutions. From pallets to beautifully gift wrapped packages, we provide a streamlined, single-source solution that optimizes the supply chain across all channels for brands in both the direct-to-consumer and wholesale arenas. By leveraging a unique combination of people and technology, our customized approach accurately aligns your organization’s multi-channel support with the high expectations of today’s marketplace.

Key aspects of Dotcom Distribution’s Multi-Channel Fulfillment Solutions Include:

  • Accurate Inventory Management: The planning and management of inventory across all channels, ensuring real-time inventory visibility across the multi-channel supply chain
  • Total Order Management: The use of sophisticated technologies and multi-channel interfaces to enable a 360-degree view of orders and demand while meeting the unique requirements of large retail partners and consumers alike
  • Seamless Fulfillment Execution: The consistent and flawless physical fulfillment of orders, scaled to seasonal demand and sales events
  • Real-Time Reporting: Real-time reporting tools that provide constant visibility to inventory, orders and other essential elements of your multi-channel business

Omni-Channel Support You Can Count On

Omni-Channel experiences drive today’s eCommerce marketplace. But the diverse range of channels that consumers use to shop online is overwhelming, creating added pressure on brands to provide seamless omni-channel order fulfillment processes.

At Dotcom Distribution, we recognize that robust omni-channel support is a mainstay of outsourced fulfillment and distribution. As a premier eCommerce logistics provider, we enable the seamless and scalable management of back-end processes across all available channels, allowing your brand to consistently deliver on your customers’ high expectations.