Our Mission

Our Mission Is Your Success

In the online marketplace, brands rise and fall based on the performance of logistics and fulfillment providers. Selling exceptional products is a good start. But to leave lasting impressions on consumers, it takes an eCommerce company with a vision that goes the extra mile to truly delight and surprise your customers.

At Dotcom Distribution, our mission really is your company’s success. Pioneers across the eCommerce industry have trusted our boutique feel, enterprise scale and distribution expertise to deliver exceptionally high quality packaging and delivery, preserving their unique brand experiences all the way to the customer’s doorstep.

Our comprehensive logistics and fulfillment solutions are supported by experienced management professionals who are accessible, hands on and down to earth. At Dotcom Distribution, the path to your success is the development of close relationships and constant communication between our team and the people who make your business tick.

The bottom line: with Dotcom Distribution, you don’t just get a logistics and fulfillment provider — you get a true distribution partner that understands your business and will do whatever it takes to ensure your success.