Human Resources Manager

Position:  Human Resources Manager

Company Description: Dotcom Distribution is a leading third-party fulfillment and logistics provider in Edison, NJ.  We offer "WOW factor" fulfillment services to some of the country’s fastest growing internet and retail brands.  You can visit us at

Job Description Summary: Manages a full- service Human Resources Department and all HR functions for the organization.   Ensures that policies and work practices are compliant with all laws and regulations.   Develops and administers benefit programs, compensation programs and Leave of Absence Programs.  Coordinates all recruiting activities, new employee onboarding processes and learning and development opportunities.   Supervise an HR coordinator.

Talent Acquisition

  1. Uses turnover metrics and business trends to proactively assess organization's talent needs.
  2. Develops and manages a sound and efficient process for the submission and approval of job requisitions.  
  3. Ensures sound internal transfer and promotion policies are in place and ensures positions are posted and internal candidates are screened in accordance with policy.
  4. Screens and/or interviews external candidates and forwards only those candidates who meet the minimum job qualifications and who have appropriate work histories to the hiring manager for consideration.
  5. Designs and administers competency tests to screen external job candidates
  6. Develops, implements and oversees effective and efficient recruitment strategies designed to attract qualified and appropriate candidates.
  7. Measures key performance indicators such as vacancy rates, days to fill positions, and number of candidates per advertising source.   Analyzes data and makes appropriate adjustments to recruiting strategy.   Produces and distributes reports of key performance indicators with the leadership team on a regular basis.    
  8. Drafts offer letters and handles offer negotiations with job candidates.



  1. Designs processes and systems to ensure that thorough reference and background checks are completed on all candidates pre-hire.
  2. Develops implements and oversees appropriate onboarding training and education for new hires at every level of the organization.
  1. Collaborates with hiring managers to ensure new hires are welcomed, supported and appropriately acclimated to their role, department and the organization.


Organizational Development and Learning

  1. Conducts ongoing learning needs assessments of the leadership team and of the staff level colleagues.    Develops educational programs which are responsive to these needs.
  2. Monitors legal changes impacting HR and provides appropriate education and training to the leadership team.
  3. Conducts and/or facilitates training programs for staff and/or leadership in a clear, concise and relevant manner.  Uses interactive learning techniques whenever possible.
  4. Maintains the corporate organizational chart.
  1. Analyzes job duties and develops effective job descriptions.


Leave Administration

  1. Educates staff and leadership on the Family/Medical Leave Act and ensures all understand FMLA rights and responsibilities.
  2. Oversees the FMLA application and approval process and ensures compliance with the FMLA.
  3. Evaluates all requests for work accommodation in accordance with the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA).   Makes appropriate recommendations to leadership.   


Risk Management

  1. Identifies company safety training needs and develops and oversees safety training programs.
  2. Maintains corporate safety library (e.g., videos, regulations, reference materials)
  3. Reviews injury and illness and non-injury incident investigation reports for compliance with regulations.
  4. Maintains accident records and driver certifications.
  5. Promotes safety and health awareness through internal company memoranda, newsletters and specific training programs.
  6. Understands federal and state occupational and health regulations and monitors for changes as they occur.


Policy Development and Review

  1. Reviews and updates all HR Policies annually at minimum.   Makes recommendations for policy changes based on changes in the law and/or based on changing business needs.  
  2. Provides policy interpretation and guidance to staff and leadership on an ongoing basis.
  3. Ensures all policies, work rules and work practices are compliant with all federal, state and local laws pertaining to all HR matters.
  4. Communicates any changes in HR policies to all staff and leadership in a clear, thorough and timely manner.    


Employee Engagement

  1. Designs high impact, low cost reward and recognition programs which are tied to strategic goals and company objectives.
  2. Coordinates forums for encouraging employee suggestions and identifying concerns early on.   Puts process in place to track suggestions, ensure appropriate and timely follow up and to communicate outcomes to employees.
  3. Coordinates and organizes all recognition and/or celebratory employee events.
  1. Encourages, leads and nurtures a culture of respect and appreciation. 


Total Rewards - Compensation and Benefits

  1. Administers the employee benefit programs in accordance with benefit plan designs.   Ensures accurate and timely changes in coverage levels and/or benefit deductions in accordance with benefit plan designs. 
  2. Coordinates the annual benefit open enrollments
  3. Ensures all benefit plan designs and offerings are compliant with legal requirements.
  4. Participates in salary studies and reviews competitive salary data on all positions on an annual basis.   Makes recommendations to Senior Executives on adjustments needed to remain market competitive.  Conducts a full cost analysis of the impact of potential market adjustments and presents to Senior Executives for consideration.
  5. Implements annual increases  in accordance with merit and/or other salary programs.
  6. Conducts regular audits of pay rates,  pay incentives and benefit coverage to ensure accuracy.
  7. Creates salary scales and hiring rates and ensures consistent and appropriate pay practices.
  8. Ensures all non-exempt colleagues are paid in accordance with the Fair Labor Standard Act.
  1. Manages all time off benefit programs and collaborates with accounting to ensure all payments and deductions are correctly applied.


Performance Management

  1. Designs performance evaluation tools and systems.   Distributes evaluation tools to managers and tracks and ensures the timely completion of evaluations.
  2. Provides appropriate guidance to members of the leadership team on employee performance issues.   Assists with the development of performance improvement plans as needed.
  3. Guides members of the leadership team through the employee counseling/corrective action process as needed.  Ensures all corrective action is reviewed by HR prior to issuance.   Ensures all employee issues are fairly and thoroughly investigated before any conclusions are drawn and before any determinations about corrective action are made.  


Other Responsibilities

  1. Supervises all members of the HR team.
  2. Performs other duties and responsibilities as needed.


Position Requirements

Education and Training

Bachelor's degree in Human Resources or a related field is required.

Certification and Licensure

PHR or SPHR certification preferred.


  • Strong project management skills; must be able to develop project plans and coordinate and oversee projects from inception to completion.
  • Exceptional communication skills both written and oral.
  • Strong organizational skills, analytical skills and problem solving skills.
  • Must be adept at managing and resolving conflict in a collaborative and supportive manner.
  • Strong business acumen and sound understanding of business and financial needs of organizations.
  • Exceptional interpersonal skills and the ability to build trust credibility and strong working relationships with team members at every level of the organization. 
  • Adept at supporting and providing exceptional service to multiple stakeholders.
  • Proficient in Word, Excel, Power Point, Outlook database management and other software applications.
  • Must demonstrate the highest level of professionalism and integrity at all times.


Eight (8) years of HR Generalist experience, of which 3 or more years were at the management level,

Dotcom Distribution offers a competitive salary with an excellent benefits package in an exciting, fast-paced environment. For consideration, please email a resume with salary requirements to