How to Grow Your Business Through Multi-Channel Fulfillment

As a forward-thinking eCommerce brand, you want to grow your business. But achieving measurable growth in revenue, market share and other metrics is much easier said than done, especially in today’s crowded online retail marketplace.

Increasingly, leading online retailers are leveraging logistics and fulfillment to set themselves apart from the competition. By extending the brand experience to the moment the customer’s package arrives on the doorstep, you can grow your business by delighting customers in new and exciting ways.

How Logistics Can Help Grow Your Business

In the current online retail economy, success isn’t just about price or product selection. More than ever before, success is about the customer experience. Today’s consumers increasingly consider shipping, packaging and other fulfillment as key elements of their experience with your brand.

For example, a recent Dotcom Distribution packaging study found a third of consumers reporting that packaging influences their perceptions about brands. Fifty percent of consumers went a step further and reported that exceptional packaging makes them more excited to receive and open shipments from online retailers.

That’s the kind of consumer excitement your brand needs to generate to grow your business. Here are a few more tips to help you convert logistics and fulfillment into measurable business growth. 

  1. Optimize multi-channel fulfillment capabilities. 

    Consumers connect with the brands they care about across a complex range of channels. While that’s good news for the marketing team, multi-channel retail can spell trouble for the warehouse – especially if you’re brand doesn’t have a strong multi-channel fulfillment strategy.

    From real-time inventory management to 360-degree visibility to orders and customers, exceptional brand experiences hinge on your ability to effectively align backend processes with the realities of a multi-channel marketplace. 

  2. Upgrade brand packaging.

    A brown paper package is simple, but it doesn’t come close to delivering the “wow” factor you need to achieve business growth. Whether you like it or not, your customers expect an emotional response from your packaging – and if you aren’t able to provide it, they will migrate to a competitor that will.

    Ideally, you need a comprehensive kitting and assembly strategy that aligns packaging with your brand image and fulfillment processes. If your packaging doesn’t elicit an emotional response from your customers, you’re leaving money on the table and limiting your growth potential.

  3. Perform backend planning for sales and peaks.

    Everyday processes may not be sufficient to handle special promotions and periods of peak demand. For example, if you’re offering a flash sale or heading into the busy holiday retail season, you’ll need a strategy to maintain the quality of the customer experience as order volume spikes.

    Inventory visibility, demand forecasting, staffing – it all counts when you have to ramp up your logistics game to manage a sudden influx of orders. The key is to develop a comprehensive fulfillment strategy before orders increase.

Grow Your Business with Dotcom Distribution

At Dotcom Distribution, we specialize in helping eCommerce brands deliver exceptional customer experiences through top-notch logistics and fulfillment. Designed to help you achieve business advantage, we offer a complete range of services that will take your business from good to great.

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