How to Dive Into eCommerce Product Photography

Ever wonder if advanced eCommerce product photography would make a difference for your brand? Consider your customers: Since they’re purchasing your products online, visuals are everything. High-quality images are essential for helping your website hook customers and increase brand loyalty.

But for eCommerce brands new to the online retail marketplace, adding strong product photography to your website can be overwhelming at first. The good news is that getting started is more simple than you think.

4 eCommerce Product Photography Tips for Emerging Online Retail Brands 

There’s no rule that you need to spend thousands of dollars on camera equipment and photo studio setups to get great images for your eCommerce site. Instead, it’s about understanding the elements that make up quality product images:

  1. Understand Camera Basics. Before your shoot anything, get to know your camera. Whether you’re using a high-end SLR or a point-and-shoot, play around with the settings and skim your camera’s manual to get a feel for what produces the best results.

    Pro-tip: Even basic cameras have “macro” options for close-up photos that highlight small product details.
  2. Keep it Simple. There’s no need to stage elaborate scenes to showcase your products online. The best eCommerce product photography is all about simplicity. Patterned and bright backdrops distract customers from the product. Instead, use a clean, neutral background that complements your website. Additionally, avoid going overboard on the editing. Unnecessary photo effects and filters can make your photos feel inauthentic. Your product should look good but genuine.
  3. Use More Angles. When it comes to eCommerce product photography, a pretty photo means nothing if it doesn’t adequately show off your product. Since customers can’t experience your products in person, you need to fully showcase items. Be sure to take pictures from multiple angles to capture products in their entirety, and offer 360° views to give customers a complete image. Not only does this make items more appealing, but it also cuts back on returns from customers who feel products weren’t accurately represented in photos. 
  4. Consistency counts. A consistent eCommerce product photography strategy is integral to your website’s brand identity. Create a style guideline with rules for lighting, perspective and editing processes so that multiple photographers can take cohesive photos. You’ll appreciate it as you add new products to your website.