How to Choose a Distribution Service

Distribution service providers can help companies optimize their supply chains by making sure that merchandise is properly located for fast standard and next-day or same-day delivery. A third-party logistics (3PL) company that is experienced in distribution services can streamline the logistics and fulfillment process through better inventory management, improved forecasting and other distribution center strategies.

Selecting a Distribution Service Partner

An experienced distribution services provider is essential for achieving better fulfillment processes. When choosing a multi-channel fulfillment and logistics partner, it’s helpful to keep the following attributes in mind:

  • Convenient Warehouse Locations – Strategically located warehouses allow for same-day shipping. Look for a distribution partner with a warehouse location that can accommodate same-day shipping and delivery to most U.S. customers in 1-3 business days via ground service.
  • Order Accuracy – Delivering orders undamaged and as-described is an integral part of building trust with your customers. An experienced distribution service partner can maintain order accuracy rates well above 99 percent, ensuring a satisfied and loyal customer base.
  • Scalable Order Fulfillment – Your third-party logistics partner’s facilities, systems and fulfillment processes should be scalable to meet order demand during holiday sales, promotions and events. Leading providers can demonstrate a peak capacity up to as much as 30 times your brand’s typical order volume.
  • Real-Time Insights – Advanced reporting tools provide real-time insights into inventory, order status and warehouse service levels. Narrow your search to logistics and distribution partners that emphasize constant communication and visibility using a range of real-time reporting mechanisms.
  • Performance Monitoring – The best distribution service providers monitor performance through analytics like throughput, quality and supplier performance. By understanding key performance metrics, you can rapidly identify areas for improvement, resulting in an improved supply chain.

Dotcom Distribution: Your Experienced Distribution Service Provider

At Dotcom Distribution, our fulfillment facilities and systems are designed to streamline logistics and fulfillment using a range of distribution services. We offer the resources and expertise you need to increase customer satisfaction and gain a competitive advantage in the marketplace.

We’ve designed our fulfillment processes to streamline logistics for rapidly growing clients in the eCommerce space. Ongoing investments in material handling, labeling systems, upgraded EDI integration software and other technologies support our clients’ evolving needs.

Also, Dotcom Distribution’s client management model utilizes account and senior management teams that are located in the same facility. A client relationship team focuses on developing strategic goals, while account management oversees the execution of fulfillment and logistics processes. Our team of established professionals leads the definition, design, implementation and data-driven control of client management programs to help you achieve your brand’s unique objectives.

To learn more about Dotcom Distribution’s optimized distribution services, contact us or give us a call at (888)-287-7909.