How To Build Customer Loyalty Through Your Brand Image

As an online retailer and eCommerce brand, creating customer loyalty can be a challenge. Most brands engage with their customers through physical, brick-and-mortar locations. But if you’re an online retailer, how do you build brand loyalty how do you and increase customer retention?

Enhancing Your Brand Image to Develop Customer Loyalty

When you sell your products in a virtual store as opposed to a physical one, developing a brand image that resonates with consumers can be difficult. But a unique image makes buyers feel more connected to a brand and in turn, strengthens the brand’s relationship’s with consumers. However, you shouldn’t be expected to develop and maintain a strong brand persona on your own.

Partnering with a third-party logistics (3PL) and eCommerce fulfillment partner with proven abilities to enhance your brand’s image is crucial. But with an abundance of 3PL providers and e-fulfillment companies out there, what should you look for in a provider?

Building Customer Loyalty: What to Look For in a 3PL Partner

Since developing a solid brand image is an integral part of building relationships with customers, it’s important that the 3PL provider you select has the ability to continue enhancing the quality of your eCommerce brand.

Look for a 3PL partner with proven success and experience in:

  • Product Packaging – As an online retailer, your packaging communicates a lot about your brand. That’s why it’s important to go beyond a simple brown box. In an eCommerce Packaging Survey conducted by Dotcom Distribution, 52 percent of consumers said they were more likely to continue purchasing from a brand that delivers orders in premium, unique packaging. Brand messaging and customized packaging should be applied to each order, with products arriving on-time and undamaged.
  • Scalable Order Fulfillment – If you’re selling products online, chances are you’ve experienced the high demands of the holiday season. To ensure that you continue to build a long-lasting relationship with customers, it’s beneficial to select a 3PL partner whose processes can meet seasonal demands and fill orders in a quick, accurate manner.
  • Fast Shipping and Delivery – Shipping and delivery are key factors in building customer loyalty, especially as part of the online shopping experience. An ideal distribution provider will be able to provide shipping times of 1-3 days for at least 75 percent of the U.S. – as well as same-day shipping for certain U.S. cities.

Increasing Customer Loyalty with Dotcom Distribution

Dotcom Distribution is an industry leader in strategic eCommerce and online retail logistics. From customized packaging to reliable shipping and delivery, we’re committed to serving as your brand’s go-to source for fulfillment and distribution needs, as well as nurturing consumers’ relationships with your brand.

To learn more about how our resources can help develop and enhance your brand’s customer loyalty, download our whitepaper on packaging and customer loyalty or contact us today.