How Investing in a Great Logistics Provider Can Increase Revenue

A well-defined eCommerce distribution strategy can be made even better by working with a great logistics provider. It’s no secret that fulfillment and distribution service costs can quickly become complicated and expensive. A top-tier logistics provider optimizes distribution processes for your eCommerce brand. The result? A competitive market edge, stronger customer relationships and increased profit margins. 

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How Working With a Logistics Provider Increases Revenue 

A lax, disorganized fulfillment and distribution strategy can seriously damage your eCommerce brand’s earning potential. This is particularly true if you’ve dealt with: 

  • Regular inventory mistakes, like ordering too much or not enough of particular products 
  • A high volume of customer returns due to inaccurate order fulfillment 
  • Slow, unreliable shipments that reach shoppers after designated delivery dates

Choosing to partner with a logistics provider mitigates these common problems with a detailed, comprehensive approach to order fulfillment. 

Why You Should Choose to Work With a Logistics Provider

You’ve entered into an agreement with your eCommerce brand’s customers. You’ve agreed to deliver items on time and as described. That’s a big responsibility to meet on your own. But working with an experienced logistics provider can alleviate the pressure of meeting shoppers’ high expectations, while you continue to build and maintain lasting customer relationships. Here’s how: 

  • A 3PL partner will maintain and manage inventory. Well-managed inventory is a must for all eCommerce and online retail brands. The ability to accurately track and maintain inventory is key to helping your brand fulfill orders in a timely fashion. Careful inventory management also means you’re able to better plan inventory orders and make the best use of valuable warehouse space. 
  • You don’t have to worry about shipping and freight management. Negotiating crate and shipment space for orders is a headache. Not to mention, shipping and freight costs represent a good chunk of retailers’ annual spend. The good news is that a logistics partner can help manage costs by negotiating crate space for both domestic and international shipments with several carriers. 
  • Access to in-depth numbers and reports is at your fingertips. It’s difficult to gauge which areas of your fulfillment strategy need improvement without in-depth analysis reports. An industry-experienced logistics provider should deliver up-to-the-minute reports on all aspects of your eCommerce fulfillment strategy. Armed with these numbers, you can retain the parts of your distribution plan that are working well and make adjustments in areas that need improvement. 

It’s Time for a Logistics Provider That Can Make a Measurable Difference 

You don’t have the time or money to spend on a logistics partner that’s still working out the kinks. You need a provider that knows the ins and outs of eCommerce, with the tools and teams necessary to make a big impact on your brand.

You need Dotcom Distribution.

Our team of fulfillment and logistics professionals leverages the latest technology, methods and resources to help your brand increase revenue and give your customers an unforgettable experience. 

Your search for a logistics provider is over. Contact Dotcom Distribution today to get started.