Growing Your Retail eCommerce Brand

Retail eCommerce is a quickly growing industry. Almost every day, new brands hit the market and attempt to make lasting impressions with consumers. It’s an exciting time to introduce your company to potential customers, with plenty of opportunities for profit, growth and expansion.

But as is the case with any business venture, growing and supporting your eCommerce brand requires careful planning and execution. If you misstep, you could find yourself fading into the background while your competitors find success.

3 Steps to Methodically Grow Your Retail eCommerce Brand

As an eCommerce retailer, establishing important growth-specific business habits and strategies is key to growing your brand in a competitive environment. It’s about more than marketing collateral. You need to know exactly which customers you are targeting, and develop a plan to connect with them in meaningful ways.

As a starting point, consider these three steps to grow your retail eCommerce brand

  1. Develop in-depth customer personas. It’s difficult to accurately target customers if you don’t know exactly who you’re selling to. What is the buyer’s age demographic? Interests? Buying patterns? The more detailed you get, the better. Maybe your ideal customer is a millennial woman who is interested in music, or a middle-aged man who travels for work and enjoys outdoor activities. Either way, the customer personas you create provide deeper insights into your target audience.
  2. Don’t be afraid to explore multi-channel opportunities. A single channel can help build a solid customer base. Eventually, however, it’s important to look beyond a single-channel approach and explore multichannel opportunities (e.g., online and brick-and-mortar). To stay on top of demand, you might also find it beneficial to partner with an experienced multichannel fulfillment company to help you manage a growing volume of orders across all channels.
  3. Evaluate how well your processes are working. As your brand grows, chances are you’ll introduce new processes and procedures into the mix. As time goes on, you may discover that some processes are working well, while others are seriously lacking. The retail eCommerce landscape is constantly changing – reevaluating your strategies can help support your brand growth.

Bring Your Online Business Into the Retail eCommerce Industry

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