Experience Matters

In today’s Multi-Channel environment, emerging organizations need to position themselves for tomorrow’s opportunities without sacrificing the differentiated service that attracted their customers in the first place. At Dotcom Distribution, we offer a complete range of 3PL distribution services designed to deliver an operational advantage and help take your brand experience to the next level.

Built specifically for this space, Dotcom’s facilities, systems, and network partnerships deliver operational efficiency in logistics services while extending your already great consumer experience. As one of the nation’s most experienced order fulfillment companies, Dotcom Distribution has developed a reputation for handling our clients’ distribution needs seamlessly, enabling their teams to focus their energy on building their brands.

Dotcom Distribution’s fulfillment services were designed to produce the perfect order – packaged to impress, delivered when promised, and efficiently executed.  We are determined to:

  • Deliver Your Experience: We design attractive and carrier-compliant packaging, document and train our associates to deliver your unique requirements, consistently evaluate and suggest transportation options that deliver the experience you want, and ensure that our organizational objective remain aligned.
  • Focus on Your Vision: Our facilities, systems, material handling equipment, processes and procedures were designed to be flexible.  We will design workspaces and procedures to support the most efficient and effective way to deliver your brand experience, including messaging, EDI compliance, transportation network design and rate optimization, and supplier compliance.
  • Speed Your Time to Value: Dotcom’s clients benefit from its trusted position in the value network.  We have existing integrations with most order management systems and eCommerce platforms, domestic and international carriers, and major retailers.  Leveraging these relationships controls risk for our clients as they upgrade their operational abilities, and drastically improves the time it takes to recognize value.
  • Respond to Your Success: We specialize in helping rapidly growing eCommerce brands optimize order fulfillment routines and quickly scale to accommodate seasonal and sale requirements. Dotcom’s facility, systems, and processes deliver seasonal scalability with demonstrated peak capacity as much as 30 times your brand’s average order volume.  

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