Common Challenges That a 3PL Provider Can Help You Address

Ever wonder why some of the top eCommerce brands make sure to partner with a 3PL provider? The simple fact is that a strategic fulfillment and logistics partner specializes in getting your products to customers. With a strong network of shipping contacts, wide-ranging packaging capabilities and lots of warehouse space, the right 3PL partner can transform complex back-end operations into a smooth, headache-free process. 

Making Fulfillment and Logistics Easier with a 3PL Provider

It’s true that a 3PL provider can help you fulfill orders on time and stay on top of inventory, but those services are just a sliver of what a knowledgeable, experienced provider can do for your eCommerce business.  Top-tier 3PL partners help you address the common challenges associated with online retail, while simultaneously allowing you to gain an edge on your competition.

  • Scaling Order Fulfillment to Meet High Demand – Considering hosting a flash sale? Great. But before you announce it to the masses, you have to guarantee your order fulfillment strategy is capable of meeting the high order demand that is about to come your way. Your 3PL partner should be able to help you scale order fulfillment to surpass average sales volume over the course of holiday seasons, flash sales and promotional periods. 
  • Handling International Logistics – Eventually, you’ll likely explore selling in international markets. But selling and shipping products overseas is far more complex than doing so domestically. A 3PL provider should help you open up your sales channel to international buyers, incorporating a landed cost model to ensure that all associated taxes, duties and fees are covered before customers complete their purchase. 
  • Securing Enough Space for Shipments – Attempting to negotiate crate space as an independent eCommerce retailer is challenging. You’re fighting for the same space as several other brands, many of whom have multiple or bulk shipments. And the hard reality is that it’s up to the discretion of the carrier how much you’ll be charged per shipment. Save yourself the headache: Partnering with an experienced 3PL provider makes negotiating crate space a thing of the past. Seasoned fulfillment companies have long-lasting relationships with freight carriers, and they can get you a fixed rate – no matter the size of your shipment. 

It’s Time for a 3PL Provider That Makes a Difference

Dotcom Distribution is the go-to provider of 3PL services that you can’t get with basic logistics and fulfillment providers. Our capabilities include:

  • Global logistics
  • Freight forwarding
  • Scalability during peak sales
  • Accurate inventory management
  • Customized, branded product packaging

Don’t settle for a second-rate 3PL provider. Choose experience, performance and focus. Choose Dotcom Distribution. To get started, contact us today.