Cheriqui Naidas -Yanogacio, Vice President of Client Relations

Cheriqui Naidas-Yanogacio,VP of Client Relations

Cheriqui is a senior executive with expertise in project management and customer service. She heads up the Client Relations Team at Dotcom Distribution. Cheriqui received her Associates in Business Administration from Manhattan Community College and her Bachelor’s Degree in Employee Relations from Rutgers University.

Being involved in all aspects of the client implementation process, Cheriqui and her team are responsible for establishing formal communication plans for existing clients, managing strategic projects and attending to daily tactical account needs. Cheriqui ensures that all communication between Dotcom and our clients is clear, consistent, and timely. Outside of her job at Dotcom, Cheriqui is a full time “sports mom” and spends any time she can on the basketball court or on the soccer field with her children.