7 Ways to Ensure High-Quality eCommerce Photography

The photos of your products are the first step in the path to purchase when shopping online via smartphone, tablet or desktop. When consumers shop online, they rely almost completely on product imagery to inform their perception of the product and whether or not they will make a final purchase.

To ensure that customers get the best possible impression of your products, superior eCommerce photography is crucial and encourages brand engagement. Here are the first of seven mistakes you might be making with your product photos and tips to improve.

Mistake #1: Displaying one product view

Limiting eCommerce photography to one view limits your consumer’s ability to virtually engage. In a store, shoppers touch an item and inspect it from all angles, and online photography should replicate that experience. Show several views of the product to allow consumers to imagine how a product would look and feel in their hands.

Mistake #2: Using a busy background color or background behind product

Busy or colored backgrounds can be distracting for the customer and take away from the product’s features. Use a white background that lets the product pop and showcases unique features.

Mistake #3: Using harsh lighting that creates shadows

Intense shadows and lighting can change the emotions evoked by your products and impact purchase rates. Invest in quality lighting equipment, like diffusers and reflective umbrellas, to create even lighting and prevent shadows that are difficult to remove in post-production.

To learn more about how to achieve superior eCommerce photography, download our complete tip sheet including four additional tips.