5 Photography Campaign Tips to Boost eCommerce Holiday Sales

One of the most important elements of ensuring your customers connect with your products is through amazing photography. Depicting the products your brand is selling in a way that highlights their best features not only elevates your brand, but also allows you to connect with your customer, inspire loyalty, promote shareability - and ultimately, drive sales. 

With the holidays approaching, you want to make sure that your online product photos connect with your audience and motivate them to make a purchase. This is where a product photography expert truly adds value to your business. It’s fairly easy to do research on DIY photography blogs, purchase an inexpensive camera, and deem yourself a product photography connoisseur. But will your photos tell the best story? Professionals can work with you to make certain your products are depicted in a way that reflects your brand image and drives conversions.

5 ways an eCommerce product photographer can help you improve your holiday photography campaign

Here are 5 ways an eCommerce product photographer can help you improve your holiday photography campaign: 

Create An Appealing, Story-Driven Holiday Photography Campaign Concept 
A good concept tells a specific story to customers. This story gives the product a tangible life and personality. It has to be captivating, emotional, and inspirational--especially with the holidays around the corner. An experienced product photographer works with the client to understand what the product is, how it’s used, why customers should buy it, and then shoots a series of photos that tell that story.

Create A Photography Style Guide 
Once a concept for the photography campaign is developed, a style guide should be reviewed or created. A style guide dictates how the product will be photographed, what background the product will be shot against, and how the product will be arranged. (Top tip: the stronger the concept, the better the style guide will be).

5 Photography Campaign Tips to Boost eCommerce Holiday SalesHere are five important style guide questions:

  1. Do you want to photograph your image on a solid background color or not?
  2. Would you prefer your brand’s products to be depicted in a lifestyle setting?
  3. How harsh do you want the shadows in the photographs to be? 
  4. What kind of props do you want to use in your photo shoot?
  5. Are you going to composite the photo into a lifestyle shot in post production?  

Research The Products 
Understanding every aspect of a product and the brand DNA is very important. The first thing professional product photographers should do when shooting a product is to look at the existing site, review the images, research the brand, and the consumer of the brand. When meeting with a photography provider, be prepared to give them information on who your brand’s customers are, and how your products are currently being represented.  

Establish Trust With Talent
The number one thing that a photographer needs when working on product photography campaign is to ensure that there is good chemistry established among talent on set including models, makeup artists, and stylists. If there is no trust developed, the images may depict this.  

For example, when working with a model, your photographer needs to be able to connect with that model. If you make your model uncomfortable or personalities don’t mix on set, it’s possible to see this reflected in the final photography. One way to remedy this is to find something in common with the model pre-shoot. Whether it’s finding a common hobby or something else, the quicker you connect with the model, the easier the shoot is going to be. If your talent is comfortable, your images are going to be superb.

Choose The Right Photography and Retouching Partners 
Choosing the right photography and retouching partner is important. When choosing a product photography provider, review their portfolios, learn about the styles they usually shoot in, and find one that has established relationships with a few retouchers.  You’ll want to confirm that your photographer has a relationship with a retoucher whose style matches your expectations and your brand’s image. 

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