360° Spin Images


Increased Sales. Larger Footprint. Lower Costs.

Make your brand shine! According to recent studies, adding interactive elements like 360° spin images can increase conversion rates by 27% in comparison to standard two-dimensional photos.  This is perfect for eCommerce brands seeking a high-volume, low-cost solution that provides a moving image and fast turn around. 

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Bring your pictures to life and increase sales conversions with our 360° spin technology. Dotcom Studio features fully automated, laser-aligned eCommerce photography technologies for creating high quality, fully rotating, three-dimensional 360° images. 360° Spin Images provide your customer an intimate showroom experience in the comfort of their personal setting.

Other benefits include:

  • Flexibilty. We can shoot products like footwear, small accessories, and handbags
  • Consistent lighting and angles across all product shots
  • Maintained brand consistency and increased customer satisfaction
  • A final image file that can be easily uploaded to your website or shopping cart

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